LIGHT – (def) vision, to see, sparkle, glisten, shine, to brighten one’s way, illumination, brightness, luminosity, dazzling, glowing, enlightenment.

We collect treasures. Fascinated by history and the antiques that hold the memories but the real relics of Light are ourselves and all others…part of the same stardust.
To live in reverence, fresh gratitude and awe of the Holy, the meaning of Life.
As we build ourselves in growth, achievement and accomplishments, the Light that calls forth is our self-reflective Light. When our journey is lit from within, light pours.
Becoming a foundation of Light for ourselves and others is the achievement to satisfy all who have come before us.
In the deepest regions of our Hearts, they shine, brilliantly, radiant like the stars filling the Galaxy with luminescent LOVE….everywhere.
Throughout our experiences, joys and trials we polish, sparkle, shine and increase the voltage of our contribution.
With the glistening, cleansing, nurturing and balancing of our Soul we emanate. Embrace your Light.
Fall in love as deeply as you can and the guidance will follow.
IGNITE Light in others.

“What does the Cosmos value? Those who awake to the splendor of the Universe and ignite Light in others.” Brian Swimme
Begin with strengthening your attention to what moves you.
Pursue the fascinating Beauty that surrounds you.




Transcendence – (def) an existence, experience or knowledge beyond that which is considered normal or from the physical level, giving us the desire, passion and ability to transform and grow.

Excellence, Magnificence, Beyond, to Climb, to Exceed, Surpass.
Sometimes in reading, entering into the consciousness of another through written words, an invitation arises to enter into a brand new structure of the self and can be revealed in a moments time, recognition and realization of an emotion; a feeling; a transference of the Heart.
Pay attention to your feelings, reactions and how you approach each moment.
Get comfortable in Silence and in You.

Spiritual advancement comes from the desire for transformation within a person. Begin the journey of listening.
To strive to climb the ladder towards transformation, focus all life force energy in the shrine of the Heart and move upwards to the center of consciousness.

Choose Love. Know that it’s there. Where would we be if we eliminated fear?
“Nurturing Healing Love.” Read the book. It’s transformative. Scarlet Lewis shares her story about how after grueling hours of having to find out her 5 year old, Jesse was killed at a mass shooting at a school in Newtown, Connecticut, her life became a vehicle for healing and transformation for herself and others.
Scarlet came back to her home the devastating day she found out her little boy was killed, to pick up some things before going to stay with her parents. On a chalkboard in the kitchen, Jesse had scribbled, “Nurturing Healing Love.” Scarlet knew then that this was her path and purpose to orchestrate healing not only for herself but for the world, to teach to choose love.

The ultimate spiritual authority comes from the quality and depth of our spiritual transformation within.
Venture forth into the boundless, into the limitless, into the possibility which is transcendent.
Our creativity forges on, passes on and lives forever.

“If we companion with the great and the good and commune with their thoughts through their written words until we enter into a psychic conciousness that isn’t written at all, in my estimation (I am sure of it; that is why we read great literature; why we listen to great music; it is what wasn’t recorded that is suggested by what was and I believe it is transcendent)” Ernest Holmes

Love…..everywhere is transformational daily practice. We share photos and quotes. Incorporate social and emotional wealth into your day, every day.IMG_1732.JPG


COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS – (def) shared higher thought, experience and collective happenings in a metaphysical atmosphere; beyond the material world carrying us through this evolutionary journey.

LOVE….everywhere is bigger than sharing photos of Hearts found in our every day lives. LOVE….everywhere is bigger than the Heart symbols we find on the sidewalks, our plates, the cloud in the sky, the trees, the leaves, the rock along the beach. LOVE….everywhere is about higher thought, cosmic consciousness and magic colliding with our daily experience of life.

It’s what Ernest Holmes (1887-1960), creator of Science of Mind religion was taking about when he said, “Use what I gave You”, “There is a Universe that responds with mechanical regularity to the spontaneity of our thoughts”, “At the center of our Being is the delight and the bliss and the need to reunite with all things.”

LOVE….everywhere is the space in which we collide with the cosmos, the magic of our thoughts bringing our innate power to this world to instrumentally orchestrate a higher purpose and direction to our hearts desires. LOVE….everywhere and all the Ambassadors of hearts and love throughout the world are setting a deeper evolutionary track in the grooves of our collective awareness and consciousness. Our intent puts action behind the thoughts and words of Ernest Holmes when he referred to, “I think this is the secret of Life; the overdwelling Presence is the indelling Person.” “I have a Secret Place, you have a Secret Place, where the Universe presents itself to us, fresh and lovely and in the transcendent beauty and in a light so bright that we cannot conceive it – but it is a light different from the light of the sun” “There is in the Universe around us that which responds to us, in the rock and the brook, from the trees and the wind, and the wave.” “Let us identify it.”

Love, it is Love and it is in you and I and everyone and everything around us. It is the magic everywhere.
“You will feel the force playing around you.” “In these moments of transcendence you will see everything bathed in light.” “You will become more consciously alive than you ever were before.”
LOVE….everywhere holds the component in its practice to awaken you. As Ernest Holmes puts it, “If we listen, if we stay long enough, if we accept enough, something will happen to us.”
We will awaken into a space that allows more of Us, able to give more, see more, Be more.
Check out these Ambassadors and Followers:
Add any others you may wander upon on your journey.
Thank you.


POSSIBILITIES -(def) something found somewhere; a state of Being that has or will be chosen. Chance. Hope. Dreams. Wishes.
The possibilities we encounter along this journey are filled with uncertainty, questions, fear, strength, inspiration, drive.
Possibility gives us the opportunity to dream, work hard, accomplish.

One possible outcome, a scar is a lingering sign from a need for love, protection & healing.
It makes you listen. It demands care, intervention, a need to interact energetically, an expression for healing, a begging for appreciation.
We all wear or have worn scars. Our human existence is riddled with pain, some Souls are demanded to handle more than others. Whether physical or emotional, a liberation of the heart occurs. That is what pain is meant to do. A powerful suspension of what you can become. The possibilty. When you are forced to be silent enough to connect with the fabric of life, the task is appreciated and understood.
Driven to restore balance, seek health, renew peace, create harmony and orchestrate LOVE….everywhere. In doing so we learn to live a more sacred, meaningful life. Becoming a model of clearness, patience, trust.
As we soften into the rythm of life, Intuitively and instinctively connecting with all of life, we are given a chance to dive into those possibilities that make us whole. Our mission is live the best YOU that can possibly explore, encounter and uncover.

The procreative urge that lives within each of us gives hope.
The seed of all that we are to be, lives.
Believe beyond your dreams!
Life is but a dream.
To dive into our possibilities, we explore individual in nature and expansive in union.
Polish your Soul. You, yourself are the Bridge.
In awe of you, fill me. Giving us the ability to lead magical lives, guided and provided for at every step. If we have ears to hear and eyes to see.
Appreciate the divine plan in your life and melt into the pace of it.

“Our personal suffering is often a sacred initiation into a deeper experience of who we are as people, and why we’re on the earth. I’ve sought to view the origins of deep sadness through a spiritual lens, in order to illumine the path that leads beyond it.” Marianne Williamson

“…and those who were seen dancing were thought to be crazy by those who could not hear the music.” Friedrich Nietzsche



PHENOMENA – (def) to show, shine, appear; an extraordinary vision or event that manifests itself; appearances or experiences that sharpen our senses, shift our awareness & expand our consciousness; our ability to BE.

Supernatural wonders, fabulous forces, the delicious taste of Life.
Blessings, Healings, Visions, Insights.
It happened, it happens, it’s happening.
The Beauty, the Surrealism, the Miracle, the Bliss, tasting the integral Magic.

Phenomenas occur regularly, some recognize them more than others. It’s the things that happen to us in sight , sound and knowing that stop our minds & we find ourselves walking into a big, empty space – clear, clean, vibrant, ecstatic awareness.
This leads us to grow in understanding, to be directed & guided higher along the path.

How to approach, identify and relate to greatness?
Be part of a cultural revolution through embracing & including all, leap, see beauty, appreciate wonderful values, recognize greatness, feel Hope, fly higher, farther, listen, activate, talk excellence, success, illuminate, influentuate, capacitate, plant the seed, see acceptance, see amazement, see understanding, see LOVE….everywhere, incredible, unbelievable love.
Function at your highest level of cognition to see the big picture. Your relationships & ability to identify solutions will expand; you will experience more Phenomena.

When I started passionately studying spirituality, consciousness, metaphysics & philosophy, phenomena began to occur in a mystical fashion and I was unaware that this would happen or how it could happen. I’ve learned from many special people in my life, including YOU, over the last 20 years how. Recently, I listened in on Ken Wilbur’s course a “Superhuman Operating System”, where he explains the map of consciousness and actually how our experience manifests phenomena.

LOVE….everywhere’s purpose is to encourage all to emanate, orchestrate & utilize their highest self each and every day. With that, hopefully you will see and share Hearts along the way through mystical experience, a phenomena of consciousness.
Start with Love, End with Love.
My goal is to continuously find that which is most sacred.
Expanding, coming together, fitting together.
Makes sense.

“We are all part of a breathtakingly beautiful cosmic pattern & we should know that there is no completeness without us. Let’s live from this awareness.”
Margaret Stortz, Science of Mind Minister



MAGNIFICATION – (def) to magnify; to appear larger, enlarge, boost, enhance, maximize, increase, augment, extend, expand, amplify, intensify.

Because of YOU, my heart’s direction magnifies each day.
Because of YOU, I see the beauty in everyday.
Because of YOU, my energy expands in every direction.
Because of YOU, my LOVE grows to everywhere.

Why can’t we focus on THOUGHT CLEANSE, every single day, every single moment?
We can see, feel and understand the magnitude to magnify the greatness of OUR capacity to BE. With a clearer sense of consciousness and the knowledge that there exists higher platforms of thought, we expand our lives; with our heart’s depth, our life’s meaning and our individual ability to live with a passion for greatness.

For December 2015, here at LOVE….everywhere, we are offering $200 to be shared with a Charity of your Choice for our Monthly Contest Winner.
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Help us to create a Global Platform of support, acceptance, gratitude and appreciation.

Leave nothing GOOD left unsaid or unseen.





TREATMENT – (def) the act, manner and method in which you manage, handle or deal with another. A transformative, intentional Blessing aimed at another’s mind, body & soul.

I’ve always been a serious romantic for Metaphysics. In love with the Master himself, Ernest Holmes (January 21, 1887 – April 7, 1960) . After studying and immersing myself in these teachings, thought stream and transformative magic for many years, I’ve been faced with yet another serious life challenge, as we all face from time to time. An event that’s screaming for me to seek and dive deeper.
Ernest Holmes devised and formulated a new thought philosophy, “Science of Mind”, that has influenced lives for decades in a positive, beautiful and uplifting way. Science of Mind focuses on treating the mind with reinforcements, models and beliefs for powerful clear thinking. A mind treatment holds the power to activate and initiate the Divine within and turn matter into miracles. I believe in the instantaneous power to promote change, heal and influence matter. I ask and invite you to, with someone in mind (even yourself), pull out these words, recite with feeling from the deepest center of your Being and know it to be true and done. We can utilize that power that lies dormant.
For decades I’ve decided stay in love, head over heels, with a Science that keeps me thrilled to be Alive. The Science of Mind has been a companion, religion and daily practice. Science of Mind puts the why and how out of the mechanics of the power of prayer, power of attraction, hands on healing, etc. There are demonstrations, events and stories that humble even the greatest skeptics. I will continue to utilize, study and embrace Ernest Holmes collection and those who live to continue his practice.

Daily recitation to one you Love….
“I know this person whom I am treating is a divine and spiritual Being. He lives and moves in pure Spirit. He is one with LOVE….everywhere, with peace, with joy and with life. Everything that he does, says or thinks is governed by pure intelligence and inspired by Divine Wisdom. He is guided into right action. He is surrounded with friendship, love and beauty. Enthusiastic joy, vitality and inspiration are in everything he does.
He represents that Life which cannot want, which is forever manifesting freedom, self-expression and wholeness. He represents the principle of Divine Activity which never tires, which is birthless, changeless and deathless. He is receptive to the inexhaustible energy of the universe, to the influx of perfect life, perfect ideas and complete joy.
He is conscious of Divine guidance, of complete happiness, abundant health and increasing prosperity. He is aware of his partnership with the Infinite. He knows that everything he does shall prosper.
He accepts this word. He knows that it is the presence, the power and the activity of God in him. He knows he is conscious of divine guidance, of inward peace and poise. He immediately becomes conscious of a more abundant life. He expects greater good, more happiness and a complete success in every constructive thing which he undertakes.
Again I affirm that this word, being the presence of the Spirit in him, is the law of God operating through him, and establishes in him that which is good, beautiful and true.
It is done. I accept. I believe. I know.”

Blessings come each day packaged many different ways.
Nothing happens by chance in this great, big, beautiful Universe we call Home.